Dr Tiffany Harries

Dr Tiffany is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. 


After high school she moved to Pretoria to study Veterinary Science at the Onderstepoort campus, part of the University of Pretoria. 


She completed her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Veterinary Biology in 2006 and went on to complete her Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences (BVSc) in 2010. 


After graduation she started practising in Johannesburg doing small animals.


She decided to move to Hong Kong in 2014 to take advantage of all the travel opportunities this area of the world has to offer. 


She moved to Hong Kong with her partner who is also a vet and her cat - a fluffy rescue called Sweetpea. 


In 2016 she decided to pursue further studies and enrolled in a Veterinary Masters degree through Massey University in New Zealand. 


Tiffany has an interest in medicine, ultrasound scanning and soft tissue surgery. 

Her hobbies include travelling, photography, running and spending time with her cat.  



Dr. Tiffany 出生於南非開普敦。










Dr. Tiffany 並不滿於現狀,2016年她決定於新西蘭梅西大學修讀獸醫碩士課程。 


Dr. Tiffany對藥理、超聲波影像及內科手術尤感興趣。 空閒時她喜歡到不同地方旅行、攝影、跑步及在與愛貓在一起。