Mo Leung


Veterinary Assistant / 獸醫助理  



Mo 最近加入了Pet Cares的專業團隊,她擁有七年的獸醫助理經驗!  Mo 養了兩隻毛孩兒,他們是西施混八哥同胎兄妹。 Mo 亦會照顧街貓和朋友的貓兒。 她之前也有當義工,在泰國照顧大象,和在海洋公園的猴子計劃幫手。   


Mo has recently joined the Pet Cares team.  She has seven years experience as a veterinary assistant.  She has two furkids who are siblings from the same litter of Shih Tzu and Pug cross.  She also spends time looking after street cats around her neighbourhood and enjoys cat sitting for her friends.  Previously Mo has volunteered some of her time to work with Thai elephants, and also worked with a Monkey project with the Ocean Park in Hong Kong.


Professional qualifications 專業資格 : 


Completed Royal Canin Pet Health Counsellor Course HKVA and HKVNA Dental Workshop 2010  

修畢法國皇家寵物健康顧問課程 香港獸醫及獸醫護士協會舉辦之牙科護士工作坊-“獸醫牙科護士” - 2010