Dr. Hilda Cheung

張凱媚 醫生

Dr. Hilda於香港出生,她在香港大學修讀動植物生物


科技科學並於2007畢業。  她畢業後投身了藥劑行業


學修讀獸醫 課程。 她憑著毅力學獲了奬學金並於


照。  由於她熱衷於急診科,畢業後隨即成為急診科

獸醫,致力發展急診科的興趣例如創傷 學和毒理學


張凱媚醫生的專業資格 / 會員身份︰ 




Dr Hilda was born in Hong Kong. She completed her

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Animal and Plant 

Biotechnology at the University of Hong Kong in 

2007.  After spending two years in the human 

pharmaceutical industry, she decided to pursue 

further academic studies in veterinary medicine at 

Massey University, New Zealand.  In 2014, She was

qualified as a veterinary surgeon with several 

scholarships awarded and successfully passed the

North American Veterinary Licensing Examination 

(NAVLE).  After graduation, she worked as an 

emergency veterinarian and developed an interest 

in emergency medicine, particularly toxicity and 

trauma management. 

Dr. Hilda  qualification: 

Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Massey University, New Zealand   

Bachelor of Science, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong