Dr.Ariel Lee


Dr Ariel 出生和長大於香港,直到17歲,她獨自遠赴悉尼讀高中。




她大學畢業考取獸醫資格以後,決定返港執業。 Dr Ariel 在閒餘時間喜歡旅遊,游泳,以及陪伴家人。


李彥諾醫生的專業資格 / 會員身份︰ 



Dr Ariel was born and grew up in Hong Kong. She went to Sydney to study High School when she was 17. 

She has been very passionate about animals since young and after volunteering in various rescue groups including HKSPCA, she realised being a veterinarian would be her dream job. 

She entered vet school at the University of Sydney after graduating from High School. 

During her degree, she continued to volunteer at many veterinary clinics and animal shelters both in Australia and Hong Kong to help improve animal welfare and to develop her clinical skills. 

After graduating from her bachelor degree of veterinary science, she decided to return to Hong Kong and practice as a small animal veterinary surgeon.   

In her spare time, Dr Ariel enjoys traveling, swimming and spending time with her family. 


Dr. Ariel Lee’s professional qualifications:

Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney