Dr. Renata Snow

Dr. Renata 於香港長大及後到英國劍橋大學修讀。




除了獸醫學位外,她擁有生物學及生物醫病理學文學士。 她對於痳醉、小動物內科、動物福利及野生動物尤感興趣。 


她曾參與美國的一項對英國實驗室動物福利的研究,而令她最難忘的莫過於到亞馬遜雨林 對猴子的健康進行研究。 




此外,她喜歡登山、獨木舟 及帶她拯救的狗散步。


Dr. Renata Snow醫生的專業資格:     







Dr Renata grew up in Hong Kong and trained at the University of Cambridge, UK. 


She completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (VetMB) in 2016, graduating with Special Merits. 


In addition to her veterinary degree, she holds a BA in Biological and Biomedical Sciences with a major in Pathology (Microbiology and Immunology). 


Her academic interests include anaesthesia, internal medicine, animal welfare and wildlife medicine. 


She has done externships in the USA and research on laboratory animal welfare in the UK; she also spent one memorable summer studying the health of monkeys in the Amazon rainforest. 


Outside work, Renata volunteers with the vet team at Kadoorie Farm, helping to look after injured wildlife. 


She also enjoys hiking, kayaking and walking her rescue dogs. 



Dr. Renata Snow professional qualifications: 

MA (Cantab) VetMB (University of Cambridge)

Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, United Kingdom